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    Our team is ready to jump on board to get your office, house, school or apartment clean and dusted at cheaper prices.

    Eco - Friendly

    Our cleaning services are kid and pet-friendly.




    To be number #1 commercial cleaning service provider with the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Cleaning Services

    Water damage can be concerning when it happens. If left untreated it can create mold and bacteria.

    Carpet Stain Removal

    We are passionate about delivering the best solution for carpet stain removal with our innovative water steaming machine.

  • Pre-Cleaning Services

    Our professional team will make sure your furniture is moved safely before the cleaning services.

    Our professional team provides pre-vacuuming before cleaning services.

  • Monster Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Heroic Cleaning Machine

  • FAQ'S



    Q: How Long Does It Take for One Cleaning Service?

    A: As a professional cleaning services team, we make sure that our work takes a minimum time of hours 2. This ensures the achievement of high-quality results.



    Q: How Much Do the Cleaning Services Cost?

    A: Our prices are flexible depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Prices start from $20 p/h. Our terms and conditions are listed here



    Q: How Can I Contact You?

    A: We rely on our phone number, email and social media accounts for any type of request.



    Q: Are You Offering Cleaning Services for Carpets Only?

    A: At the moment we only concentrate on carpets but we will expand soon due to high demand for more professional cleaning services.


    Q: How Many Years Experience Do You Have?

    A: We have been operating for more than 20 years. However, we like to learn every day.